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Promoting New Zealand in a miniature park.

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New Zealand Regions

Every region of New Zealand will be represented in Mini-Kiwiland.

The public can vote on Facebook for which buildings / structures they think should represent a New Zealand region / major city.

We have divided New Zealand in the following regions / cities:

North Island:

South Island:

The 875 nominations received 22318 votes so far.

It is also possible to browse by type of models such as Post Offices, Town Halls, Churches, Hotels etc.

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The biggest city of New Zealand also received the most votes of all regions. At this stage the Sky Tower has the most votes of any building in the country.

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Christchurch also received a lot of votes for a large variety of buidings. Especially demolished buildings get a lot of support from the voters on Facebook.

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Bay Of Plenty

Opotiki proved that small places can really make a difference by sharing the voting page on Facebook. Six buildings made the top 30 of 2015.