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From Village To City

Making the models is a very time consuming process. We aim to have at least 300 models in Mini-Kiwiland, but even if we manage to finish one model a month, it would take us 25 years to get to 300 models. Therefor we focus on the smaller models first at this early stage of the project. By the opening of the park in 2019 we hope to have at least 50 models finished. The attraction will continue to grow after opening. At that stage we hope to get funds to outsource the making of models as well to have more models finished in a month.

Another reason for us to focus on the smaller models is the storage for the models. Some of the models simply take too much space. A few example of sizes are:

  • The Auckland Sky Tower will have a height of 14 meters.
  • The Auckland Harbour Bridge will have a length of 42 meters.
  • The Auckland Vero Centre will be 7.2 meters tall.
  • The Wellington Railway Station will be 4.5 wide by 8 meters long.
  • The Wellington Majestic will be 5 meters tall.
  • The Wellington Beehive will be 3 meters tall.

The New Zealand miniature park needs to start as a village and will slowly grow into a city. This is also a reason, why we keep an eye on the type of buildings we make. The village can't exist of Churches only even though quite a few churches are ranked on the first place in some regions when you look at the voting on Facebook. We will look at the best ranked building for each type of structure within the different regions and not which church has the most votes in New Zealand. Otherwise we would be building Auckland structures only. So which railway station has the highest rank within a region/city etc.? When a type of building has the same rank in different regions (like the churches) we will look at the 'best number one'. The best number one is the building where the difference with the number two of their region/city is the biggest.

By looking at the type of buildings we will try to create an interesting variety of structures to start with for Mini-Kiwiland.

Ruru Railway Station

Rural Railway Station

Also the smallest buildings from the smallest places will be considered.

Wellington Railway Station

City Railway Station

Models of this size can be best made on location. We'll need a location first...

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Model Of 42 Meters

We're not even sure if this bridge will fit somewhere in the park.