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New Zealand History

The miniature park will have an educational purpose for school children as well as for (international) tourists. Various buildings and structures will stand for certains historical events and sites. A guide will be available filled with background information of all models in the attraction.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A Maori Pa. A miniature New Zealand park can't be without a historical Maori village.
  • HMS Endeavour (1768). The vessel on which Captain James Cook mapped the coastline of New Zealand.
  • The Mission House in Kerikeri (1822). The oldest surviving building in New Zealand.
  • The Treaty House in Waitangi (1840).The site where the Treaty Of Waitangi Document was signed, which established the nation of New Zealand.
  • The Gold Rush in Otago (1861). The discovery of gold in Otago had a direct influence on the structures that were built in Dunedin for instance at the time.
  • Hawke's Bay earthquake (1931). A severe earthquake that caused the re-building of many structures of the Hawke's Bay region in the Art Deco style.
  • State housing programme (1936). A government programme to create many affordable houses for the fast growing population.
  • Christchurch earthquake (2011). The earthquake in Christchurch had a disastrous effect on many historical buildings.

More options will be added in the near future.

Captain Cook Endeavour

HMS Endeavour

The vessel on which captain James Cook mapped the coastline of New Zealand.

Maori village

Maori Pa

A small historical Moari village will be recreated.

Waitangi Treaty House

Treaty House

The site where the Waitangi Treaty Document was signed.