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Promoting New Zealand in a miniature park.

100% Kiwi, Pure New Zealand!


Unfortunately we do not have a location yet to display our models.

The ideal location for Mini-Kiwiland would meet the following conditions:

  • Along State Highway 1 - Basically on the main route of traveling (international) tourist between Auckland and Wellington.
  • Within reach of day trips by Cruise Ships.
  • Near one of the major cities of New Zealand. Preferable Auckland or Wellington, but a location near Hamilton or Tauranga will also be considered.
  • At least 20,000m2 (5 acres) with the option to expand to at least 40,000m2.
  • Support from local or regional councils
  • Mild Climate - The location can't be too windy, rainy or cold. Preferable not too close to the shore

We realize that the ideal location will be hard to find, so we are open for all options.

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Kapiti Coast

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Wellington City

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State Highway 1