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The Mini-Kiwiland Top 30 of 2015

All regions of New Zealand were covered in 2015 when it comes to voting on Facebook. Here's the balance of what Facebook users had voted for at the end the year.

The Auckland album received the most votes and has 8 buildings/structures in the top 30.

Opotiki got very successful after residents started to share the Bay Of Plenty album on Facebook.

Every month we're looking for the next model(s) to make by looking at the votes on Facebook. So please keep voting!

Auckland Sky Tower

Nr. 1

303 votes: The Sky Tower in Auckland

Christchurch Cathedral

Nr. 2

272 votes: The Christchurch Cathedral

Wanganui Bridge To Nowhere

Nr. 3

268 votes: The Bridge To Nowhere

Opotiki Hiona St Stephen Church

Nr. 4

258 votes: The Hiona St Stephen in Opotiki

Tekapo Church Of The Good Shepherd

Nr. 5

237 votes: Church Of The Good Shephard in Tekapo

Hokitika Clock Tower

Nr. 6

200 votes: The Clock Tower in Hokitika

Cambridge St Andrews Church

Nr. 7

199 votes: St. Andrews Church in Cambridge

Balclutha Bridge

Nr. 8

172 votes: The Balclutha Bridge in Otago

Opotiki Masonic Hotel

Nr. 9

163 votes: The Masonic Hotel in Opotiki

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Nr. 10

151 votes: The Harbour Bridge in Auckland

Opotiki Rostgards Building

Nr. 11

146 votes: The Rostgard's Building in Opotiki

Hamilton Bank Of New Zealand

Nr. 12

142 votes: Bank Of New Zealand in Hamilton

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Nr. 13

140 votes: The War Memorial Museum in Auckland

Taranaki Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Nr. 14

136 votes: The Cape Egmont Lighthouse in Taranaki

Christchurch Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament

Nr. 15

122 votes: Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch

Auckland Ferry Building

Nr. 16

121 votes: The Ferry Building in Auckland

New Plymouth Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

Nr. 17

120 votes: Te Rewa Rewa Bridge in New Plymouth

Auckland One Tree Hill Obelisk

Nr. 18

107 votes: One Tree Hill Obelisk in Auckland

Dunedin Railway Station

Nr. 19

106 votes: Railway Station in Dunedin

Opotiki Hotel

Nr. 20

106 votes: The Opotiki Hotel in Opotiki

Opotiki Theatre

Nr. 21

101 votes: De Luxe Theatre in Opotiki

Auckland Town Hall

Nr. 22

99 votes: The Town Hall in Auckland

Dunedin First Church Of Otago

Nr. 23

96 votes: First Church Of Otago in Dunedin

Okiore Tauranga Bridge

Nr. 24

95 votes: Tauranga Bridge in Okiore

Wellington Bank Of New Zealand Lambton Quay

Nr. 25

93 votes: The Bank Of New Zealand in Wellington

Auckland Eden Park Stadium

Nr. 26

91 votes: Eden Park in Auckland

Auckland Old Arts University Building

Nr. 27

90 votes: Old Arts Building University in Auckland

Opotiki Royal Hotel

Nr. 28

87 votes: The Royal Hotel in Opotiki

Christchurch New Regent Street

Nr. 29

85 votes: New Regent Street in Christchurch

Christchurch Sign Of The Takahe

Nr. 30

83 votes: Sign Of The Takahe in Christchurch