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Promoting New Zealand in a miniature park.

100% Kiwi, Pure New Zealand!

Create Your Own Mini-Kiwiland

A future option on this website is to create your own ideal Kiwiland.

While selecting your favourite New Zealand buildings and structures you only have to follow a few rules:

  • Every region of New Zealand must be covered.
  • Every type of building (churches, shops, bridges etc.) must be part of your own Kiwiland country.

You will start as a village and slowly grow with the actual Mini-Kiwiland park into a city. The selection of buildings will be limited at first, but will increase gradually. You will face the same challenges that Mini-Kiwiland does.

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Kiwi Dream House

What will your historical dream house be?

Otaki Marae Maori Meeting Place

Maori Meeting Place

Which Marae do you prefer?

Featherston Royal Hotel

Your Own Hotel

Where would you let visitors stay?

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Post Office

Where to contact the 'outside world'?

Shopping areas

Where to go to spend some money?

Pahiatua Courthouse


What's your way to justice?