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Promoting New Zealand in a miniature park.

100% Kiwi, Pure New Zealand!

Please Support Mini-Kiwiland

Mini-Kiwiland is a very ambitious project organized by volunteers only. To achieve our goal we will need all the support we can get.

Here are a few options of how you can support Mini-Kiwiland in becoming an unmissable international tourist attraction for New Zealand:

  • Like Our Facebook Page. It's very important for us and potential sponsors to know if people are indeed interested in this initiative. The more people showing their interest by liking our Facebook page the better.
  • Vote for your favourite New Zealand building.This will give us a better idea of what we should include in the miniature park. A lot of votes for a specific building will also make it easier for us to get permission and sponsorship. Voting is possible on the region/city photo albums on Facebook. Please check our NZ region list for this. You can also search for your favourite building by the type of models.
  • Become a member (a Mini-Kiland citizen). As a citizen you'll have a say in a variety of issues that the development of Mini-Kiwiland has to deal with. You will also get a passport to enter the Mini-Kiwiland attraction without entry fees.
  • Crowd Funding. It will be possible to sponsor specific buildings that you want to be part of Mini-Kiwiland.
  • Advertising in the park. Advertising is possible on certain items like containers and trucks. NZ brands and businesses only.
  • Advertising in the Mini-Kiwiland Guide or Kiwiland Courant. We intend to make a guide with background information about all the models in the park. A regular newspaper will also be released.
  • Commercial Models. Industrial companies, shops, banks etc. can have their building as a model in the park. NZ brands and businesses only. Full sponsorship will be required. More information about this comes later.
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Kiwi Businesses

New Zealand businesses can have their building in the miniature park when they're sponsoring Mini-Kiwiland.

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Kiwi Brands

New Zealand brands can also be promoted in the miniature park when they're sponsoring the attraction.

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Advertising On Models

Advertising will be possible on various objects in the park such as containers and trucks. Kiwi brands and businesses only.