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Mini-Kiwiland will be an international tourist attraction.

Promoting New Zealand history, architecture, transport, brands and businesses.

In a miniature park (scale 1:24). 100% Kiwi, Pure New Zealand!


Similar Attractions

Various countries already have their own national miniature park. It's time for New Zealand to have one as well. Keep an eye on this website to follow the progress!

Cambridge Church

The Selection

Ideally the attraction should contain around 300 models of iconic New Zealand buildings. At this stage we selected 50 different structures. More will follow.

Blog News

Blog News

On our Blog News Page you can follow different aspects of the development of the attraction and models in different stages. This page will be updated on a regular basis.

Invercargill Water Tower

New Zealand Regions

All regions of New Zealand will be represented in Mini-Kiwiland. The public can vote on our Facebook page for which buildings they think should represent their region.

Petone State House

Type Of Models

We will try to include every type of model to show the diversity of New Zealand. From cottages to lodges, from band rotundas to stadiums and from wineries to woolsheds.

New Zealand Transport

New Zealand Transport

Mini-Kiwiland will be built on a scale of 1:24, which is similar to LGB Garden Railways. New Zealand Railways will be an important part of the park as well as water transport and airplanes.

New Zealand Transport

Your votes, Please!

More votes will give us a better idea what to include and it makes it easier for us to get permission and sponsors. At the moment we have 22318 votes for 875 potential models.

Become a Mini-Kiwi

Become A Mini-Kiwi

It will be possible to become a Mini-Kiwiland citizen. Mini-Kiwis will receive a passport for free entrance and a right to participate in special referendums for example.

Your Mini-Kiwiland

Your Mini-Kiwiland

A future option on this website is to create your own ideal Kiwiland. You will start as a village and slowly grow with the actual Mini-Kiwiland park into a city.

Mini-Kiwiland Store

Mini-Kiwi Shop

You can support us by buying from our Mini-Kiwiland Shop. A shop for models and miniatures. The website is currently under development.

Most Iconic Building Of New Zealand

The Top 100

Voting is still possible, but we have already compiled a top 100 of most iconic buildings in New Zealand. The top 100 will be updated regularly.

Hokitika Clock Tower

Please Support Us

We could use all the support we can get for this ambitious project. You will already support us by liking our Facebook page. For more options please check our support page.