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Selecting which models to make

The choice for which model will be created and presented in Mini-Kiwiland is dependent on several factors:

  1. Facebook - It is possible for the public to indicate on the photo albums of Facebook which models they think should be included in Mini-Kiwiland. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Voting is possible by 'liking' a picture of the building or structure. Photos in each album are in order of popularity.
  2. Mini-Kiwiland Website - Visitors of this website will also be able to vote for their favourite buildings and structures.
  3. Funds - Some models might not be feasible due to the high costs of manufacturing. Sponsoring will be required in those cases.
  4. Commercial Models - Buildings of New Zealand brands and businesses will only be selected if the model gets fully sponsored.
  5. Permission - For some buildings we do not have permission to make a model of due to privacy, copyright or security issues.
  6. Limited space - Some of the models can not be made due to the limited size of the park. We will not be able to create mountains, lakes, islands etc. We probably have room for one airport and some of the bigger bridges will be difficult to place in the park.
  7. Limitations to type of buildings - There will be a limitation to certain types of buildings like churches and railway stations. This means we won't be making all iconic churches of New Zealand. There are simply too many of them.
  8. Planning - More and more models will be added to the park after it opens on a regular basis. Mini-Kiwiland will most likely start as a village that will slowly grow into a city with suburbs. Making smaller models will have a priority. At this stage we also don't have proper storage for larger city models. Some could be a few meters long or high.
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Lack Of Information

For each building we need to ask permission to make a model for Mini-Kiwiland. Sometimes we do get permission, but no access to the required building plans.

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Few Votes Needed

Some buildings could be selected, while they didn't get a lot of votes. This Marton building could be chosen, because this is the only nominated granary so far.

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Residential Buildings

A miniature village can't do without residential buildings. Because we don't have enough candidates some houses don't need to be part of the voting.