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Promoting New Zealand in a miniature park.

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Mini-Europe is a miniature park in Brussels, Belgium. It covers models of countries in the European Union.

On this page you will find an impression of Mini-Europe in 15 photos.

You can also visit the official website of Mini-Europe for more information.

Brussels in Belgium

Photo 1

Brussels in Belgium


Photo 2

18th century Abbey in Austria.

Zagreb in Croatia

Photo 3

Zagreb in Croatia.


Photo 4

Budapest in Hungary.

Lisbon in Portugal

Photo 5

Lisbon in Portugal.

Maastricht in the Netherlands

Photo 6

Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Oil Rig

Photo 7

Oil Rig.

Paris in France

Photo 8

Paris in France.

Pisa in Italy

Photo 9

Pisa in Italy.

Sea Port

Photo 10

Sea Port.


Photo 11

Bratislava in Slovakia.

Escorial in Spain

Photo 12

The Escorial in Spain.

Catherdal in Spain

Photo 13

Cathedral in Spain.

The Circus in England

Photo 14

The Circus in England.

Venice in Italy

Photo 15

Venice in Italy.