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Madurodam is not just a fun attraction park, but also a war memorial. The park opened in 1952 in memory of war hero and resistance fighter George Maduro.

On this page you will find an impression of Madurodam in 15 photos.

You can also visit the official website of Madurodam for more information.

Dutch Landscape

Photo 1

Madurodam is on 20,000 m2.

Royal Palace

Photo 2

The Royal Palace in the Hague.

Schiphol Airport

Photo 3

Schiphol Airport with 15 model airplanes.

Cruise Ships

Photo 4

Cruise ships at Hotel New York in Rotterdam.

Model cars

Photo 5

More than 4500 model cars.


Photo 6

There are 50,000 lights in the city.

Old Boat

Photo 7

The attraction houses 40 ships.


Photo 8

Madurodam has a population of 66,000.


Photo 9

2000 visitors on this sunny Monday in May.

Dutch Canals

Photo 10

Famous Dutch canals.

Miniature Trees

Photo 11

More than 5000 miniature trees.

Railway Tracks

Photo 12

More than 4000 meters railway tracks.

Dutch Market

Photo 13

A Dutch miniature market.

Dutch Church

Photo 14

The Basilica 'Sint Jan' in Den Bosch.


Photo 15

You can walk on some streets between models.